Easter Clearance Raid at Target.. lol..

5 years ago

I couldnt help but checking out all the Clearances that I knew were going after Easter. Since I did have the day off yesterday I did some clearance searching. I started off with CVS I had to fill a prescription and while I waited I checked out the clearance aisle. As far as decorations they didnt have anything but all the candy was 50% off I decided to buy some candy since I like to have candy out when I have company. Hey it may be Easter Candy but Im sure it wont stop them.

Then, after going to yet another appointment on I headed to Wal-Mart and Target to get some home essentials. Wal-Mart didnt have much that I liked just a few items; 6 pack cards for <strong> $1.50</strong> each and some stickers for <strong> .50</strong> each. I made baskets this year for my godchildren but with an agreement with the parents we opted for clothing or money. Its fine with me but a nice card with it would be nice. So these will come in handy.
After that I went to Target ( I had coupons for both stores they are in the same shopping area so Its not a hassle.) Now Target is soo bad to my wallet!! I always love their holiday items and well when theres clearance and I was eyeing something Ill be there. I was actually only looking for those rabbits that <em>Liliana L </em> had mentioned when she purchased her bird. I had found the ones pictured above but $10.00 each was a bit too much. I was glad to find them on clearance well everything I got! But what Im loving the most is the Mugs Arent they adorable!!!!

Items Purchased
4 Rabbit figurines (2 for a table and 2 as Book ends)
2 Rabbit Mugs
Rabbit Candy Holder (of course for candy)
Rabbit Apron
Mint colored glass basket
3 pair of children socks (For God children)
Sticky Notes
Small zippy cup

As you can tell I have quite a fascination for Rabbits. I love them! Ive mentioned before I have a rabbit I had her since she was just a couple months and truly love her! Her Vet told me she can live a long time with proper care an attention So I hope to have her for many years to come = )

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