Easter Candy on Clearance!

5 years ago

Easter candy is awesome. But what`s even more is when it goes on clearance the day after :) My roommate and I hit up our local walmart to take advantage of the sweet (pun intended!) deals.

I got some Starburst jellybeans in the basket for Easter and reaallllyy wanted to get some more. We first stopped at CVS to see their Easter candy clearance but they didn`t have the Starburst jellybeans. Luckily, though, walmart did! Success! We each bought a bag :) They`re just sooo good! Definitely my favorite jellybeans, especially for Easter. The only part I don`t like is how they stick to your teeth after awhile, lol.

While we were at walmart, I also spotted a whole bunch of the Reese`s peanut butter eggs. They`re my favorite! I should`ve grabbed two but I only took one since I wasn`t sure how much they were going to be since there wasn`t an original price listed. There was a whole bunch of other delicious candy on clearance, but we didn`t want to go overboard so we kept it simple :)

All the Easter candy was marked 50% off at walmart, so the Starburst jellybeans came down to <strong>only $0.94</strong> and the Reese`s egg was <strong>only $0.34!</strong> Can`t beat yummy deals like those! I`m highly considering going back and stocking up on some more, lol. But I`m also trying to resist the temptation.

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