EAST Japanese Sushi Restaurant

4 years ago

I made a post about this place a long time ago, maybe when near the time I first started LUUUX. Anyways, I finally got the chance to go back because my boyfriend really wanted to try this place out, basically because of the conveyor belt that goes around the whole store for the customers to just grab and eat. I really enjoy this place because the experience of food rotating around the whole restaurant is fascinating. The sushi is placed upon different colored plates and each colored plate is a different price. This place is on the pricier side because even the pricier plates, the most pieces of sushi is still four but other than that, it is delicious.

I definitely recommend you guys to check this place out if you are in NY because the experience is well worth it. Not all of their restaurants have the conveyor belt so, here is the address:
366 3rd Avenue
New York
(212) 889-2326

<em>Have you ever been to a sushi restaurant that has a conveyor belt rotating sushi all over the store?
What is the most interesting restaurant you been to?</em>

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