Easily Make Festive Holiday Drinks!

2 years ago

There`s always lots of parties around the holidays and two things tend to go with parties: food and drinks. There`s a super simple way to make your regular alcoholic (and even non-alcoholic!) drinks festive for the holidays! I did this the other day with gin and tonics and it worked fantastically! :)

What You`ll Need:
-Drink of your choice (preferably a clear one)
-Holiday sprinkles

Make your drink like you normally would, but if there`s any fruit on top, push the fruit into the drink (or under the ice). If your drink is a dark color (because of cola or rum, etc.), the effect won`t be exactly the same throughout the glass, but the top of your drink will still be festive!

I use one of those sprinkle containers that have a bunch of different types of sprinkles built into it and you just select the one you want. I found that the plain sugar crystal sprinkles and the little ball sprinkles work best for this!

On top of your drink, pour sprinkles of your choosing (make sure they`re festive in color!). Allow them to sit on top of your drink and naturally sink/float/change colors. You`ll notice your drink taking on a much more holiday spirit! My drinks tended to change green the most and the sprinkles on top made it look very holiday-esque ;) My gin and tonic went from a regular party drink to a holiday party drink! lol.

I plan to do this for New Year`s too, but with the gold and silver sprinkles they sell. It`s great because it`s super cheap and allows guests at a party to have fun with their drinks :)


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