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4 years ago

-MY god do I remember this game. The first time i played this game i questioned if it was even a game; but it wasn`t about the game, it was about the experience while playing the game. Man the colors, the enemy`s, the characters.... it was all just so... crazy.

-EarthBound is a game for the Super Nintendo (SNES) that was released in North America in 1994. It was a "lite" roleplaying game (as those released for consoles tend to be) that deviated from the norm of being a typical fantasy or typical science-fiction genre/ setting.Instead, EarthBound took place in a modern setting, with the lead character being a young boy. This was a game where you would eat cookies to regain hit points, use medication to aleviate ailments, and have to head back home when you missed your mother. The game had many more quirks and a delightful sense of humour, that in the opinion of many, has been unmatched to this day. Its general uniqueness has had many players coming back for more over the years, and even petitioning relentlessly for a sequel to be released.

-Bottom Line is i love this game and you should too. This has been an Ace review, thanks for reading.
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