Early Bird Exercise Suggestions!

5 years ago

Waking up hella isn`t my cup of tea. I`m one of those people who loves to sleep in, but then I don`t like wasting a day. One thing I`ve been wanting to do for awhile is to workout early in the morning. Getting your daily workout done is the greatest feeling ever. Having to workout in the morning seems even better. You can workout in the morning and carry on what you have to do the rest of the day.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Pick out what your planning to wear to workout. I usually do this when I go to work. Just because I don`t want to run hella late!

2. Set your alarm, but sit the alarm far away from your bed. Easier for you to roll out of bed up to turn it off than keep on hitting snooze. I`ve done the snoozing a couple of times. Lol

3. Set a lamp by your night stand. Just so you`ll wake up due to the lights in your eyes. I do have a lamp aside my bed and I do use it.

4. Set your alarm with the most annoying ringtone ever. That will definitely wake you up! I got this annoying long ringtone set for me to get up! :p

5. Prepare your breakfast the night before. Whatever you use to make your breakfast have it sit on the side. I need to start doing this because I don`t really eat breakfast as often!

Here are some morning exercise you can do:

1. Running- do a few laps around the park.

2. Squats - works on the thigh, hamstring

3. Crunches-works on the abdominal

4. Pushups- works on the arms.

5. Jumping jacks works on everything on your body!

1. How often do you workout?
2. What time do you usually workout?

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