Ear Warmers Found At Daiso

10 months ago

Since I live in Northern California, I find during the winter times that the temperature doesn`t drop so low that I have to wear ear warmers when out. But as I`ve gotten older and as our climate is changing, I`ve noticed I`ve became more sensitive to the cold. The parts where I can`t stand feeling cold is my head, face and neck. Especially when cold air is blowing in my face. I`ve only managed to keep those areas warm with a scarf and by wearing a jacket with a hood. But sometimes the hood is a lot bigger than I`d like and it covers part of my eyes and blocks my view. So sometimes I don`t even bother with the hood because of that. Then my ears get freezing cold to the touch.
So while just browsing around at Daiso, I stumbled upon a cute pair of ear warmers. It looks very similar to the black pair in the picture except that the part that covers the ears is white instead of black. I tried it on but found it didn`t suit me. Then one of my son noticed a different one that is suitable for boys or girls and asked if he could get one. Since it`s only $1.50 per pair, I didn`t see why not even though it won`t be used much. But hey, these won`t go out of style since the ones I got for my boys is the one with the black band that is wrapped with black felt like fabric and brownish beige faux fur pads for the ears.

Then as I was gonna leave I found a bag full of ear warmers with a different design. This is the one I bought for myself. Instead of the black felt fabric wrap, mine has white pearl like beads all over the band and the pads are made with faux black fur. This one is just a little pricier, selling for $2.00. I guess it`s cause of the pearls.

I was really surprised to see these in stores in CA because I haven`t seen them in stores for a while. Well at least in the stores I go to or maybe just cause I don`t bother looking for them. They had different kinds as well. Those looked like those big head phones with different prints on them. My son tried one and said it didn`t fit as good as the other one.

Since purchasing these I haven`t worn them yet cause the weather hasn`t been that cold to warrant wearing them but ironically the day that we bought it, it was the coldest I`ve felt in a while. My kids instantly took the tags off that day and wore them but not me.
Even though I know I won`t get a lot of use out of them, I`m still happy I purchased them. I could use them on trips when I plan to visit Tahoe or at any time when the temp drops like crazy. I could also keep these for as long as I`d like cause you can`t outgrow these like shoes or clothes. So it`s just something to keep on hand. You may never know when you`re gonna need to keep your ears warm. And it`s a nice fashion statement too. Well mine is.. Hehe And you can`t beat it for the price. Even my niece picked up one. That`s cause she`s going to Tahoe. She picked the one with the white faux fur ear pads and pearl band which suits her perfectly.

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