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Hi everyone, I have been away for a long time, really sorry!
Lately I have been going on EA Active 2. I`m on a 9 week program on the easy mode and I have to say the workout is quite fun, it can be a bit hard sometimes but you can burn quite a few calories in 20 minutes.

I started doing it because I have started slimming world because I gained weight and I want to lose it and it`s best to get it under control before it goes out of control, which it won`t now. I have been eating healthier and doing EA Active 2 so let`s hope I lose the baggage and get fit.

You choose your days to do the exercise which lasts up to 25 minutes and the game chooses what type you will do, whether it be a full body workout, upper body, lower body. I hate the lower body ones, they hurt my ankle muscles. You have to wear an arm monitor and leg monitor as well and switch them on to record your heart rate. It also comes with a long green strap you use mainly for leg exercises. The problem with the game though is some exercises you have to skip because they won`t work at all. Other than that it`s a good workout.

Do you play EA Active 2? Have you ever played it? What results did you have by the end of it?

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