Dynex HDMI Cord Review

5 years ago

We bought this Dynex HDMI cord from Best Buys for $25 after we bought a new TV. We didn`t need anything extremely fancy, just something to connect our laptop to the TV, so that we could watch movies and videos off the internet on big screen. I thought this was extremely affordable and easy to set up. You just plug one side into the TV and another into your laptop, and switch your TV to computer and the TV will start displaying every action on your laptop. This cord is pretty long, so it`s nice that you don`t have to keep the laptop next to the TV, so it`s great for playing games on your laptop, but see everything on big screen. I don`t have the recording setting with my cable, so I can`t record the shows I miss. I always watch them online, and sometimes friends will come over to watch, and we used to huddle around my laptop, but now that I have this, I can just plug it in and we can watch it on TV. I highly recommend this HDMI cord, it doesn`t have any extra plugs, so it`s easy for non-tech savvy people to figure it out.

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