Dynamic Pre Running Stretching - The Only Time I Ever Stretch

4 years ago

I am not big on stretching, but the only time I will ever stretch is before I go out for a long run. Why you may ask? Because if I don`t, I get pain in my hips or shoulders usually. I will usually do dynamic stretching to open up my hip flexors and and bring blood flow throughout the areas of my body that are used during running. The most important stretches for me are leg swings/lifts where you swing your leg out to the side and swing it back across your other leg. The toy solider with your back and knees straight, walk forward, lifting your legs straight out in front and flexing your toes. I also do walking lunges, calf muscle raises, and also swing my arms clockwise and counterclockwise like windmills. I can say that I didn`t feel pain anywhere except my quadriceps/quad muscles after my half marathon, but the man didn`t do dynamic stretches with me and felt the pain in his right hip afterwards. If you`d like to see a video of some dynamic stretches in action here is a link http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-241-287--13442-0,00.html

Do you stretch before exercising?
Do you find you get sore in certain areas after exercising if you don`t stretch? If so where?

Source link: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-241-287--13442-0,00.html

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