Dyi glitter shoes

4 years ago

Halloween is almost here and I`m going to be the wicked witch of the east the one the house gets dropped on and I wanted to mske done red glittery shoes instead of buying any so I just used some black flats from forever 21 and it was pretty easy

Step one : tape off the bottoms of your shoes so its easy to not make a mess also I would recommend taping off the insides as well do you don`t get glitter all inside like I did

Step 2: in a small bowl pour mod podge and a lil of red glitter and mix I would use a small paint brush to apply the glue to the shoes and in sections

The coat section in red glitter and repeat untill shoes are all glittery. Let dry

Step 3: once shoes are dry take off tape and spray with a clear coat spray to lock in all the glitter and let dry for a few hours this was super easy and very affordable once I was done I wasted to put glitter on everything lol

Step 4: click your heals together and say there`s no place like home ;) and have a happy and safe Halloween

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