Dyed Dark Brown Hair To Bright Purple

4 years ago

Okay so I finally have nice, even, pretty hair.

Took me a while but for anyone that wants to go from dyed dark brown to bright purple this is how :3

Right, quick hair history. I started off with hair that was dyed twice with a really dark brown dye but most of it grew out so it was mostly just on the ends (5cm or so).

I went to Hairhouse Warehouse and picked up Hi Lift 30 Volume Developer and Blue Powder Bleach along with the basics of a plastic dye brush and bowl etc.

First Bleach
I mixed up the developer and powder until the consistency wasnt too runny or too thick (didnt measure properly just winged it). Applied it as normal and left it on for 45 minutes. After that my hair was pretty orange at the roots and a little brown at the ends. Honestly it wasnt that damaged at all, I was expecting worse.

First Time Manic Panic Purple Haze (Not Amplified Formula)
I heard such great stuff about Manic Panic so I decided to give it a go. Covered my hair in it and left it on for maybe four hours. It was all streaky and orange and brown and yuck.

Yeah not cute, this lasted barely three days and I didnt even wash my hair lol.

I heard good stuff about the new amplified formula so I tried that too.

Second Bleach
Bleached hair again and it came out a little blue in some bits because I left the bleach in for too long but it was mostly bright orange all over.

Manic Panic Purple Haze (Amplified Formula)
Exact same deal as the normal Manic Panic, this stuff didnt last a week.

After a month of dordelling around with orange hair I decided to order Special Effects Deep Purple from eBay because of how good everyone said it was. Of course I was a little iffy seeing as everyone told me Manic Panic would be good.

Third Bleach
Same deal as the first bleach but this outcome was a firey orange with like bright yellow roots lol hawt.

Special Effects Deep Purple
Had to use one and a half bottles because my hairs super thick so yeah covered it and left it on for around three hours. This stuffs so much easier to apply, Manic Panic was so messy and it just got everywhere. Rinsed it out with cold water and boooooom!

Purple af, and its so even and lovely.
So far the only down sides are it gets on your nail polish like there is no way of avoiding this, your nails will be stained every time you straighten or touch your hair. My pillow isnt that stained compared to Manic Panic but hey what can you expect from semi permanent dye.

So viola there you have it if any of you have dyed dark brown/black hair and want this colour three bleaches and some special effects and youre good to go!

Peace homies :-)

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