Durian! Stinky or Tasty??

4 years ago

Durian. What is durin you say. It`s a summer fruit, mostly imported from Thailand. The outer layer of the skin is very pokey, so you need to becareful when handling this fruit. The best way to choose one is to find one that has bugles. To open it, you slice the bulges and pull it open to reveal the fruit in the inside. Not sure if all of you know that the distinctive trait of this fruit is the smell. When you open one up and if you have not or if anyone in your family have not had this fruit before, you might see noses being pinched and everyone saying ewww, so open up some windows. Some people find the smell offending but some don`t. I used to be one of those that found it offending and would never even touch or go near it. But after years of avoiding it, I finally gave it and tried it. That was 8 years ago and every since then, I must have one each year. This fruit is found during the summer season only, so I definitely have to get my fix every year. I don`t know how to describe the taste but if anyone has had this please feel free to share your thoughts below. But I think it tastes sweet and after you try it, you won`t notice the smell anymore and won`t even think it stinks. These are sold by the lb and it used to be 99 cents per lb but that was 3 years ago. Now it`s around $1.99 per lb and it`s really hard to find in the stores this summer, don`t know why. There were a lot of stores selling them last year but not this year. Weird. I hope I can get myself another one soon. But of course this fruit is full of cholestrol, so don`t eat too much of it. How many of you like it and how many of you think it stinks??

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