DUPE ALERT!!! (for Naked 2 Palette)

4 years ago

So the other day, I placed an order with elf and received my shipment yesterday. Today, I was playing around with my new makeup, and discovered something. One of the eyeshadow palettes I purchased from elf has a ton of shades in it that are VERY similar if not identical to some of the shades in the UD Naked 2 Palette. I swatched a few and did comparisons, and when I put them on the back of my hand, my suspicions were confirmed. We`ve definitely got a dupe on our hands!! :) **(sorry the quality of the photos isn`t the greatest. I took them with my cell phone, and the lighting in my bedroom wasn`t necessarily ideal either, but you can still see the similarities in the photos I took. However, you guys should have seen them in person! It was even better!)** Now, I only swatched three different shades, but believe me, there are several more dupes within the elf palette, and it looked to me like there could even be some for the original Naked palette as well. The three shades I swatched from my Naked 2 Palette were Half Baked, Verve, and Pistol. In the first photo, you can see a side by side swatch of Verve from the Naked 2 Palette, and of a color out of the elf palette. It`s the color in the very bottom left corner of the palette. I couldn`t even tell the difference when I compared them side by side on my skin. On the left is Verve, and on the right is the elf shade. In the second photo, you can see the color Pistol from the Naked 2 Palette (top swatch) and on the bottom is the elf shade. It`s in the very top right corner of the palette. The third photo has a swatch of Half Baked from the Naked 2 palette (this shade also appears in the original Naked palette) on the left, and again, the swatch on the right is from the elf palette. It`s the second shade in the first row. As I said earlier, there are several other shades within this palette that could be dupes for even more shades within the Naked 2 palette, as well as the original Naked Palette. For instance, the fifth deep grey shade in the last row looks VERY similar to Gunmetal from Naked to me. The third shade in the second row is very similar to the matte shade Naked from the original palette. The sparkly black shade in the last row looks like a possible dupe for Creep from the original Naked palette, and the matte black shade (bottom right corner) looks pretty similar to Blackout from Naked 2. **Also, as I`m sure a lot of you are aware, just because some shades don`t look similar in the pan doesn`t mean they won`t look similar once put on the skin. And if they do look similar in the pans, that doesn`t necessarily mean they will come out similar on the skin, so if you ever have a hunch, just swatch and see!** Of course, the quality of the elf shadows differ from that of the Naked shadows, but since the elf shadows are over $40 cheaper, that`s a deal I`m willing to take. Some of the shades in the elf palette aren`t too pigmented, but the ones I swatched definitely are. They also have a velvety texture and glide on pretty smoothly and aren`t powdery, which I definitely dig. I have been in love with the Naked Palettes ever since I purchased them, and would do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat. They are my HG neutral palettes and I find myself reaching for them every day, but it`s nice to find little hidden treasures like the elf palette. I`m especially pleased with the fact that I found a dupe for Verve, because it is my absolute favorite shade in the Naked 2 palette. The name of the palette I purchased from elf is the Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini, and I got the Classic palette. You can find it on the elf website right now for $6! It`s limited edition, so get `em fast before they disappear! I`ll leave the link below: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/sets-and-palettes/palettes/endless_eyes_pro_mini_eyeshadow_palette_limited_edition Thanks for taking the time to read my post! xx -E

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