Dunkin Dounuts Coffee!

4 years ago

So I was super super tired this morning due to my late night (of Homework and studying). In fact I was so busy that I even fell asleep before taking a shower! This meant I had to wake up at 5 am this morning to wash my hair before going to school =0 That kinda sucked because the sun isn`t up at 5!! ..... oh summer.... I wish it would come faster.

Luckly, today my mom was home and she offered to take me to Dunkin Dounuts for some coffee!! DD makes amazing coffee and is a lot cheaper than Starbucks. In my opinion, starbucks is not worth the cash since DD tastes similar. It just doesn`t have all the amazing flavors, but ohh well... I don`t want those in the morning anyways. We have a DD a few minutes from my house so while I was washing my hair, my mom went out and picked some coffee up for me along with a bagel. When I finished everything, my food was here! Yay!! I love my mommy and DD!!

Are you a fan of coffee?
Starbucks or Dunkin donuts for you?

*pic is mine, but it was taken by my little sister and that is her hand holding the coffee haha.

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