Dunkin Donuts for Lunch!

5 years ago

I decided to go to Dunkin Donuts for lunch yesterday since I drove home from school for spring break. I was excited to order some things because the Dunkin near my house is pretty good, especially in comparison to the ones at my school, lol. My experience this time, though, was far from perfect.

Whenever you get a receipt back from Dunkin, there`s a survey on the bottom you can complete to get a free donut with a medium beverage purchase. I normally order small iced coffees, but the deal works out to be cheaper to just pay for the medium iced coffee and get the donut free than to pay for both a small iced coffee and donut, so I go with the receipt deal. I got my medium iced coffee and double chocolate donut. They were sooo good! That part of my order was absolutely fine and delicious. It`s the next part that got unnecessarily complicated, lol.

I also order an onion bagel not toasted with butter. They guy repeated the order back to me and my receipt even said onion bagel, not toasted, butter. So imagine my surprise when I get home, sit down to eat my bagel, and I find that it`s toasted and has cream cheese on it - the complete opposite of what I ordered, lol! So I went back (it`s literally a minute drive from my house) and told them the mistake. They apologized very nicely and remade the order for me. I get back to my house, assuming all was fine and dandy since they corrected everything, and found that they still toasted the bagel even though I specifically said not to. Normally, it would be easy to say they made the mistake because they were swamped with orders or whatever (and I`m very understanding of that), but I was literally only one of two customers there. So I have no idea why they kept messing it up. I never imaged that merely slapping some butter on a bagel and handing it to me would be that hard, but apparently it is, lol.

So in the end, even though my bagel order got messed up twice, I still had a delicious iced coffee and double chocolate donut to enjoy which made up for it! :)

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