Dunkin Donuts!

4 years ago

I drove back to school today because I begin part two of my field experience tomorrow but, before I left, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to pick up some things so that I could eat when I got to my apartment. I cleaned everything out before I left for Christmas so I have no food, lol! So I definitely wanted to pick something up to eat when I arrived :)

I got a small French vanilla iced coffee (yummm!!), a double chocolate doughnut, and an onion bagel with butter. I drove a couple hours, unpacked my car, and enjoyed my (basically) dinner, lol. I always used to get just regular iced coffee but I looovveee the French vanilla flavoring. It`s my new usual, haha. And the double chocolate doughnut is one of my favorites! My Dunkin apparently makes it differently than most places, though, because they glaze the chocolate doughnut before putting the chocolate frosting on (most places don`t glaze the doughnut at all). And I would`ve liked to have a blueberry bagel, but they were all out. So I got onion instead :) I always get my bagel with butter and leave it not toasted. I like the taste of soft, fresh bread! Haha. Absolutely delicious!

So that was my little impromptu lunch/dinner tonight, lol. Everything was still good even after a couple hours of driving (the doughnut did get a little beat up, though, haha). And because I paid with a gift card, it was a free meal :)

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