Dunkin Brunch - Free Donut and Coffee!

2 years ago

I tend to treat myself to brunch at Dunkin on the weekends and this past weekend was no different :) I woke up late and enjoyed a delicious late breakfast lol. I`ve recently switched from being a sugar-and-cream coffee drinker to a plain black coffee drinker (it happened kind of suddenly!) so I don`t feel as bad about getting a medium coffee now that there`s practically no calorie content (a coffee with cream and sugar can be upwards of 300 cal, whereas plain black is usually less than 50!). Plus, when you get a medium beverage and happen to have a receipt coupon, you get a free donut!

I`m enrolled in Dunkin`s Perks Program. It`s completely free and you earn points on purchases you make at Dunkin. Every 200 points equals a free beverage! Dunkin also runs a lot of promotions, too, like right now every hot coffee purchase gives you an extra 20 points. On this past trip, purchasing my medium hot coffee gave me enough points to redeem a free beverage on my next visit. Score!

I also got a free donut this time because whenever you fill out the survey on Dunkin receipts, you`re eligible for a free donut with the purchase of a medium beverage. The surveys take literally 1 minute to do, so I always do them. Hello free donut! Along with my medium black coffee and free chocolate glazed donut (I wanted blueberry but they were out, lol) I got a sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich on a croissant. YUM!

If you get coffee or a donut even just every once in a while at Dunkin, definitely sign up for their rewards program. It`s super easy and convenient and you get free stuff! And always remember to fill out the online survey listed on the receipt! You always get a free donut! :)

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