Dumped for my daughters nationality

Hi every one, meet my almost 2 year old daughter Leila.

Leila is 1/4 Filipina and the rest of her is black and British (white). She is bright, talkative, loving and super girly. She has an attitude that shows she`s very independent. She`s not afraid of too many things, she`s one tough cookie!! She fights back when needed and doesn`t back down until she gets what she wants. I named her after Layla Ali (if you don`t know who she is Google her)

Any ways, I was recently dating a guy in the military whose in Afghanistan. He was lovely. He glowed with confidence and was always smiley! We were very much so into each other. I had the countdown till the days he came home next to my 30 day challenge count down in my work out journal.

This past Friday he didn`t text me as usual or try to contact me and I became worried. At 3 am on Saturday I got a text that made me feel sick and felt like someone punched me in the stomach. He said that his family saw my Facebook and pictures of my daughter and I (they saw my Facebook due to me adding his sister) They asked him is this girls daughter part black? He told them yes. This escalated into a heated argument. He tried to defend him n I`s relationship but was sadly put into a situation in which NO one should ever have to be in... They basically said pick this girl or your family. You pick her and we will disown you.

We broke up all because my daughter is part black. I cannot believe it is 2012 and people are still racist. I am heart broken and feel disgusted that I had to deal with something like this first hand. As a 20 year old single mom I teach my daughter every day to be nice to everyone. Her father and I (although not together) do have a common thing we`d love our daughter to learn and that`s to accept everyone despite differences. We are open minded parents and we become friends with everyone. I would and will not ever put my daughter in a situation with choosing between family or someone she wants to be with because of color/race.

P.s. Don`t be a weirdo and steal my daughters picture. If you do I will send a liger to hunt you down and destroy your computer and ALL OF ITS FILES! BE AFRAID!

ATTENTION: This is under health and beauty because its necessary for you to keep your heart open in order to stay beautiful. Your beauty shines when your heart is good and you treat every one kindly. My thing: I bring Aloha spirit wherever I go.

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