Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

4 years ago

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Here comes another game review! This game is called Duke Nukem: Zero Hour. Released back in 1999 on the Nintendo 64, you play as the protagonist, alien butt kicker and babe rescuer, Duke Nukem as you defend the earth from time traveling aliens who want to change the coarse of Human history in their favor.

The game play`s controls are rather simple. As a 3rd person shooter you go around shooting up aliens left and right. With a very large selection weapons you have a large selection of ways to dish out the pain and death. Sounds effect for the game are at times a little on the comical side as the game itself was part comedy. Although it was very crude and sexual humor. The soundtrack to the game is rather simple. Very heroic sounding when Duke is wining a fight or very somber when things are getting very rough. The story line is also pretty simple. Stop aliens from invading Earth. Go back in time and stop them from screwing with Human history. And kick a lot of alien butt along the way. Basically the game is just alot of shoot `em up fun. But I must warn you this game is NOT for the young. It`s rated MA for a reason. The game has a lot of crude humor and foul language along with many sexual jokes and situations as well. But hey this is what makes Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem. The crude jokes and Duke`s corny catch phrases will keep you laughing for a long time.

All in all this was a fun game to pass the time and shoot up a ton of bad guys. The crude humor and sexual joke are very adult yet fun. The game tries to be both a bloody gory shoot `em up and and a joke of making fun of itself at the same time and it does it quite well. If you`re looking for a game that really doesn`t take itself seriously then this game is for you. I do recommend it.

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