Duct Tape Wallet?!?

3 years ago

Do you wish you could design your own wallet? Use the colors YOU want, and not what brands and stores tell you you want? Well, here is a awesome way! When using duct tape, there are thousands of designs and colors to choose from! Keep in mind, clear packaging tape helps as well!
When I saw this I was amazed! It`s a new, personalized trend for those who love being unique! You can choose the design, add your own personal flare to it! I have made #23 wallets and are selling them locally. They are a hit! Down below is the `how-to` video. I promise you, you will love this!
1. Velcro
Magnets do not work that well after a while and using tape for closure is not a good idea either, and only because if you use tape that tape will eventually stop sticking because it has been moved around too much and the magnets do not support the wallet as well as Velcro.
2. Clear Packaging Tape
To make your wallet look Professional you will need CLEAR packaging tape and that is because when you go to put your wallet together, you don`t want to mess up the design by covering it up with more colored tape so you use clear because not only is it strong, it will not ruin the design, and it is thin so your wallet is not bulgy in odd spots!
3. Exacto Knife
I know you`re probably wondering, why this specific knife?... Because, this knife can get the exact cut you need. Razors get dull and ruin the tape, scissors should only be used for cutting off extras and even then, you can use the exacto knife for that.
I hope you all give this a try and enjoy the fun in duct tape products!

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKVOntRsyak

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