Duct Tape Moustache Wallet from Venice Beach, CA

4 years ago

Venice Beach Duct Tape Wallet

Ive been posting a lot about my recent trip to LA: I took a trip to Los Angeles with my family for my cousins wedding this summer. I was last there in November and I was excited to go back.

Last time, I wanted to go to Venice Beach, but never got the chance, so this time, my friend made sure to take me knowing how much I wanted to go. We had a great time walking along the boardwalk and seeing all the sights and sounds.
My brother was on a class trip to Venice (ironic, right) so he wasnt able to join us in LA, so I thought it would be funny to get him a gift from Venice Beach hahaha!

I knew he needed a new wallet, so when I saw this guy making wallets out of duct tape, I thought it would be the coolest gift to get him...

The guy on the beach had rolls and rolls of patterned and colourful duct tape and even makes custom order off of his website (http://freakywallet.com/Home_Page.html)

I obviously didnt have time for a custom piece, but he already had some cool ones available. There were some with logos for superheroes like batman and things like that, but I liked the ones with moustaches. I already bought myself a moustache ring earlier (see my LA jewellery haul post for that) so I figured this would be the perfect match for my brother LOL. The guy had a purple wallet with a green moustache, but my brother doesnt really like purple so I chose an orange one with a blue moustache instead!

Each of the wallets was only 12 bucks, which is pretty cheap. His sister was helping him sell it, and she showed me her card holder that he had made. I wanted to buy one, but apparently he only sells them on custom order if people really want them because they tend not to last as long. I thought it was really cool that he chose to be so honest with his customers. Most of the people buying his stuff were going to be tourists and stuff anyways, but he insisted on selling a good product. He even takes the time to line up the patterns on the duct tape so it looks seamless.

Anyways, I just wanted to share. I thought it was pretty cool and was tempted to buy one for myself as well. I may decide to order something from him off his website.

What do you think? Have you seen duct tape used in unique ways before?

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