Dubai`s World Islands Are Sinking!

4 years ago

It seems that the islands, each made in the shape of a country and created for millionaires to buy off the coast of Dubai, are sinking. According to The Telegrapher, a property tribunal is investigating whether or not the man made islands are sinking back into the sea. A spokesperson for the company insists otherwise.
All islands except Greenland, owned by the ruler of Dubai, remain uninhabited while the company says that 70% of the islands have been sold. The ten year project is being dragged out due to financial crisis (some of the buyers are unable to make the payments). Some claim the project is dead, while others insist it`s just on a break and will be revived.

Personally, this doesn`t surprise me. The small skeptic in me just couldn`t accept the fact that anyone short of God himself could MAKE 300 islands, and that they would last. The world is just changing too much. Yes, I understand that man is capable of such feats, considering all the amazing buildings and bridges that exist, but the islands concept just seemed crazy to me. It would`ve been great to visit one day though.
--I found the pics online, and one is of the construction of the island.
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