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4 years ago

One of the most disappointing things that happened while I was in Hawaii was when my DSLR lens shattered! I was in the middle of switching lenses and I accidentally dropped one of my lenses from the car seat it fell to the cement. It was in its pouch and it had the lens cap on so I thought it was okay without even checking. So that lens that fell I switched it and put it on my camera and once I took the cap off and I looked into the eye piece to take a picture I noticed a a crooked line while looking through. At first I thought it was just hair or something in the way but when I touched the lens I gasped and felt that it was cracked. I took a look at it and it was shattered. My heart dropped to my stomach (I was being a bit dramatic at that time! Lol) and I couldnt believe it. Sadly I was about to cry but thank goodness it was just the lens filter that got shattered and not the actual glass of the lens! I forgot I even had a filter on that lens because I dont have one for my other lens.

<em>Whats a filter?</em> A UV filter is a screw on attachment that you attach to the end of your lens and its suppose to remove atmospheric haze and to help UV rays hit the lens but most importantly it helps protect the actual lense from dust, scratches, or any fingerprints. It doesnt change the quality of the image a all but its really good to have one on your DSLR lenses.

Continuing with my storyonce I realized that it was just my filter that shattered it was a total relief because I did not want to have to buy a new lense because those things are ridiculously expensive! For my Nikon D5100 I have two lenses; one being the Nikkor VR 18-55mm lens and I also have the Nikkor VR 55-200mm so I sometimes have to interchange my lens which gets super annoying but it totally pays off in picture quality. There is a new Nikon lens thats 18-300mm which I want so I dont have to deal with switching lenses but its like a thousand dollars and obviously Im not willing to pay that! While in Hawaii I wanted to buy a new filter but there are no Best Buys on Maui and the camera stores I looked up were super expensive so I waited until I got home and just bought some at best buy. If you get the Nikon filters they are like 60 bucks but I highly suggest looking at other brands because they are all the same and why not get the same thing for less money. Yesterday I ended up buying two for each of my lenses and they are from the brand called Rocketfish which is the brand of filters that I originally had on my lens that shattered. I just bought 2 of the UV 52mm filters but there are other kinds of filters out there and these were only $9.99 each. They are affordable and also helps protect your camera!

<em>Any DSLR users out there that use a filter for their camera lens?</em>


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