Dry Shampoo

3 years ago

Many of us like to buy dry shampoo, but sometimes it can be pricy, or we do not have the time to go and buy a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can be made at home with simple ingredients that can be found in your kitchen counters.


-One simple form is by applying cornstarch to the roots of the hair, and rub with your fingers to spread then simply use a brush to remove. The cornstarch with absorb the oil and dirt.
-Another simple form is mixing ground oatmeal with baking soda and keeping it in a container then simply add it to your hair when needed, and remember to rub it in then brush it out.
- Baby powder can also be used as dry shampoo, it can be used alone or it could also be mixed with baking soda.
- To apply the dry shampoo you can add it to an empty salt shaker container to make it easier to apply to the hair.
-If you have dark hair i recommend you add cocoa powder to your mixture so you can have a darker base and it may be less noticeable when you apply the dry shampoo mix.
- If you want your dry shampoo to have a scent you can add dried flowers to the mixture such as lavender or rose petals. You need to ass the dried flowers and to the mixture and keep it in a container closed for 2-4 weeks and your dry shampoo will have a nice scent to it.

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