Dry hair? Split ends?

For a person who dyes her hair monthly and straightens her hair daily I gotta expect the worst. I have been looking for some tips to make my hair look and feel healthier. I finally was able to get a noticeable difference with a few steps.

1. I get your hair trimmed! Getting it cut much shorter is ideal, but I know many girls dont want to do that so trimming is a second alternative. So tell your hair dresser you want to keep the length and that you only want to trim off the split ends. When i did this the length of my hair was the same, but it immediately looked much healthier.

2. My hair was still dry from all of the chemical processing so I invested in some good conditioner. I bought Loreals Natures Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing creme. Its amazing! I have a review of it on my page.

3. Hot oil treatments monthly! You can do this at home for 5 dollars (which will last you over a dozen treatments depending) or get it done at the salon. It makes your dry hair shiny and moisturized. It can also help hide, prevent and cure the remain split ends you have!

4. Piqui oil! You can get a small bottle of this for 10 dollars and it lasts forever. You put some in your hand and put it through you hair and it makes if feel amazingly soft, it tames frizz and of course helps disguise and heal those split ends! This is my favorite hair product hands down.

5. This is simple but keeping hydrated is important for not only your hair, but your, face, your nails, your eyes, your everything! Drinking water is obviously simple but it really does make a difference.

These things helped me a lot! This sounds dumb, but my friends really said "wow, your hair looks especially soft!" and this girl behind me in class said "did you do something to your hair? It doesnt look fried anymore....lol sorry, but it did. But it looks good now!"

Hope this helps you out!

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