Drugstore or Department Makeup?

4 years ago

This question stuck with me for a long time when I was new to makeup. I didn`t know what to choose since no one taught me anything about it. It`s really difficult to decide where to shop for your cosmetics. You want high end brands but you don`t have enough money. Or you want to start off slow with the drugstore makeup, but that is just a whole nother world. After experiementing a little bit, I found out that it really depends on the type of product you are looking for. For you beginners, I will tell you that both can be wonderful in their own way! Don`t assume expensive means the best. And don`t assume flashy advertisement means that it works. Here is my own guide to know where to buy the "what" product I want.

Moisturizer. ( i know it isn`t makeup, but it all starts there!)
You can honestly buy from either. Drugstore and department brands are equally as good. High end or luxury brands may be thicker or heavier. But you can find just as good with brands like Olay. Don`t let the glass jar trick you, and don`t let cheap prices fool you. Research your products! And in no time you will find your fit.

Foundation/Concealer/BB Cream/ Tinted moisturizer/Powders/Highlighter
Both is fine. But I also feel it is completely okay to splurge on these kinds of products. When it comes to coverage or concealing, it is crucial you find a product that actually does the cover up. When it comes to these, you want to be picky. Because a bad or unfit concealer can make your under eyes look worse. Or your foundation does not have enough coverage or shade. Many high end brands can have a wide range of shades.

In my opinion, these products look almost the same when applied onto the skin no matter if it is from the drug store or a department store. A black eyeshadow will be a black eyeshadow. If you have the money to splurge or you have a favorite brand, go for it. But if you are on a budget or you are new, check out your local stores first. Or even online is fine too! Just make sure you aren`t going for brands that doesn`t seem trust worthy and you will be okay. (ie some dollar makeup can be chalky)

Even if the lipstick is expensive, the odds are you will be wiping it away just as fast as any other lipstick. BOTH is definitely acceptable for these products. I think it is just the colors available determines your brand.

Eyeliner/Mascara/Brow Pencils
Many mascaras and eyeliners these days are virtually the same. They all claim to do similar things. A tube of mascara at Sephora could be $28 but look exactly like a Maybelline mascara for $5. Same goes with eyeliner. If it goes on great and does not crease, then what is the difference? You can go both on these. It`s all on your personal choice, but keep in mind, many pretty much have the same ingredients, just different packaging.

I hope this helped for some of you who is wondering which one to go for. I`d say either on some things and one way for some. Both have different things to offer. I also did not realize how long I made this. I`m sorry!!!~

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