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2 months ago

Hey Luuuxers,

*Note* I wrote this post a little while back, but since Luuux was having technical difficulties, I haven`t been able to post until now! So it`s slightly outdated but I still thought I would share :)

If you follow beauty gurus on YouTube like I do, you have definitely seen a few `What`s New at the Drugstore?` hauls.

I love watching these kinds of hauls even though, often times these releases don`t make their way to Canada.

One brand we do get is Wet and Wild, but often times, we won`t get the newest releases. But recently, I`ve discovered that Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores (both grocery stores and both owned by the same company) sometimes carry these products! I actually posted a haul of the Wet and Wild Holiday collection that I bought at Loblaws.

When I think of drugstore make-up, I rarely thing of heading to the grocery store but lately it`s the first place I check! Lol

So this haul is from Real Canadian Superstore - a grocery store that is a little out of my way, and one I rarely shop at haha.

I was mostly after Wet and Wild releases.
There have been quite a few products they have released lately that I am interested in trying and though I wasn`t able to find them at Walmart (or the other places that usually carry Wn`W) I found them at RCS!

First up is the PhotoFocus Setting Spray - I have yet to try this, but I have a recent obsession with setting sprays. My skin gets very dry, and even when I moisturize before hand, any foundations or BB creams can end up looking a little cakey and patchy. Setting spray is great for preventing that! And the best part is, the bottle is so tiny, I could even stash it in my purse for touch ups if need be.
Some reviews online mentioned a smell, but I sprayed this on my wrist and didn`t detect an overly powerful smell - maybe a little bit medicinal but nothing that is too intense or lingers for too long.

I also wanted to try the Contouring Palette Wn`W introduced lately. The palettes only consist of one bronzer and one highlight, but I`ve heard nothing but rave reviews so far. I`ve only played with this once so far, and I do like it. The powders are nice and fine and blend very well. There are two different shades - Dulche De Leche (the one I picked up) and Caramel Toffee which features darker shades and a more yellow toned highlight (like a banana powder).
I`m going to play with this some more before I decide if I want to go back for the second one - but so far so good! Plus they are really inexpensive, so even purchasing both won`t break the bank! All the Wet and Wild purchases were only about 5 bucks.

The nail polish I picked was the same - the 1 Step Wonder Gel. This is supposed to be like a long wearing gel polish, but no need to cure with a light, or use a special base coat. Though the reviews online have been great so far, again I wanted to try one out before buying more, so I opted for a shade called `Left Marooned`.
I haven`t worn this yet, but I plan on doing so ASAP. Maybe I will even do a separate review on it...

The last item here is actually from Milani. This is another brand that is pretty tough to find in Canada. But after some recent sleuthing, I realized that this is also found at a lot of Loblaws and RCS locations! I`ve been meaning to try the Milani Kohl Kajal pencil forever, since it is something one of my fav YouTubers, EmilyNoel, has mentioned a few times. So while I have found Milani displays in those other stores, this product has been missing as of yet.
As soon as I saw it, it went straight in my basket.

I`m so glad I have discovered these hidden gems in the most unlikely of places. My fellow make-up obsessed friends are just as surprised as me that all these items are at the grocery store but we are starting to check them out more and more regularly for the latest finds!


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