Drugstore MAC Dazzleglass Dupe!

5 years ago

So I was browsing Shopper`s the other day when I passed by the Essence stand. I saw the XXXL lip gloss in "Super Girl" and I thought it looked a little familiar. Anyhow this only cost $2.49 so I picked it up and compared it to my MAC Dazzleglass in Extra Amps, and I must say that they are VERY similar. Seeing as Dazzleglasses are $22.50 in Canada, purchasing the Essence one saves you a $20 bill. Both of the glosses are pretty sheer, except the MAC one might be a LITTLE more pigmented. The Essence one is slightly more of a warm pink while the MAC is more of a fuchsia, but since they are sheer you cannot tell the difference when worn. I suppose the biggest difference is the Essence has pinkish glitter while MAC has pink and blue flecks. Other than that, if you have your eye on Extra Amps, maybe consider going into Shopper`s Drug Mart/Ulta and picking up Essence Super Girl instead. :) Plus, the formula for Super Girl is WAY more comfortable to wear, Essence glosses are super non-sticky and feel like a balm. The MAC one is tacky and much more sticky compared to the Essence (which means it lasts longer, so that`s a trade-off you have to make up your mind on)

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