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4 years ago

*my photos* As I said in my previous post about I Need a Refresh-Mint, I stopped by the drugstore and as always, browsed the beauty section. I`ve been on some weird kick lately where I need to try out new conditioners LOL. My hair just feels so dry and I feel like I need something to hydrate it or make it less damaged somehow.

Everyone on youtube RAVES about Aussie`s 3 minute miracle and it, along with Herbel Essences, was on sale so I thought I`d give it a try! I tried it today and MAAAN MY HAIR HAS NEVER BEEN SOOOO SOFT. But I don`t know for sure if it`s actually helping it become any healthier, so we`ll see for now! The only thing I don`t like about this conditioner is the strong smell. It doesn`t smell bad, but it is VERY strong to the point where it gave me a headache in the shower and once I was out of the shower and my hair was still wet. Once my hair dried, I stopped smelling it so I don`t get headaches from it anymore haha.

The Herbel Essences one smells AAMMMAAAZZINGGG! But as of right now, I don`t even remember if it made my hair feel soft or hydrated.. LOL. & it`s meant to hydrate your hair! =X

I also picked up the plus whitening kit. I have Crest White Strips but I wanted to give this a try because it is a cheaper alternative and I heard it works just as well. Fingers crossed it does the job!!

Onto the nail polish! I NEVER NEVER EVERRRR purchase any Essie, CG, OPI, Orly, or Zoya for full price because my beauty supply store sells it for less than half retail price. But after seeing numerous posts on Essie`s new Poppy-Razzi collection, I knew I had to get Camera because I can`t go back to my beauty store until school ends which is in a month. Who knows if it`ll still be there?! Lol. Anyways, Camera is a gorgeous .. coral? I don`t even know how to describe it .. and the camera is definitely not picking up the color correctly. I think you have to go to the store and check it out yourself. I did try this yesterday and I don`t know if I`d buy it for full price .. I`m justifying my purchase because I had 5 dollars in UP Rewards so let`s just say I got this polish for $3. LOL. The formula and color is nice, but my skin tone doesn`t go very well with it. I think I`ll wear it on my toes though because brighter colors like this tend to look better on my feet! So either way, I`m not that disappointed. I`ll learn to love it eventually. It`s still a gorgeous color in the bottle!

& lastly, I need a refresh-mint! The drugstore actually didn`t have very many colors left from this polish line but I was lucky to grab the last bottle of this color because it`s gorgeous! x) Please refer to my previous post for a review and swatches. :)

Hope you enjoyed! What are your opinions on these products?

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