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4 years ago

Hi guys :)
Well, I wanted to share my haul from my recent trip to the drugstore!

I`m pretty proud of myself becausse this time I actually only picked up stuff that I really needed. We all know this: "I just wanted to get some makeup whipes but then...", well I can say I successfully contained myself this time :D

So the first thing I got was the Full Repair Deep Conditioner by John Frieda (looove all their hair stuff btw!!). I have never tried this, but a german youtuber recently recommended it for dry hair (which I have) and I was in need for a new deep conditioner, so I picked it up :) the price was 3.95
Will let you know how it works for sure in an following blogpost!

The second hair product I picked up was a heat protector, which again, I needed, so I decided to try something completely new: I got the Studio Silk&Gloss by L`Oreal, I`ve not only never tried this specific product, but also it`s not a spray but it`s actually a cream that you apply into your hair before using heat on it. I`ve never tried a cream as a heat protector, so I`m really curious how this works! This one was 3.95 as well.

I also got a new foundation, because I know want to get a cheaper drugstore one, since I`m now a broke university student and I`m not sure how much longer I can afford my MAC Studio Fix Fluid :D (no seriously, it`s unfair how expensive it is in Germany :(...). I`ve heard some good stuff about the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, so I wanted to give it a try. I`ve tried this today for the first time and I gotta say it really oxadises weird ... :/ anyway, I will try it a few more times before really setting my opinion on it. This retailed for 9.95.

The very last thing I got is just the Anti Blemish Skin Mask by Schaebens. I love this mask, I`ve used it for years now and it really does work! :) and the best part is, it`s only 0.65!!

So yeah that`s my haul!
No makeup, no crap I don`t need, no nailpolish that`s displayed at the cash register so you automatically pick it up while waiting in line...
YES! ;)
Well I actually really gotta save up now :D

Anyway yeah what do you think about my haul?
Do you own any of the products I got?
If so, please leave me your experiences in the comments below, ESPECIALLY on the Fit Me foundation!!

Thank you for reading <3

*picture is mine

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