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Hey everybody! I know a confusing subject for a lot of girls is concealer! You want to conceal your blemishes/dark circles, but you dont want to break the bank to do so! I decided to to tell you all about my drugstore concealer collection and do a mini review for each of them! So if you are just as confused about concealer as I once was, read on!

ELF Tone Correcting Concealer ($1.00) A great thing about this concealer is the price, I mean you really cannot beat that! This concealer isnt great for covering blemishes/dark circles, but it is wonderful at covering redness of the face. I almost always have redness on my cheeks and nose, but this does the job of covering it up! Another thing that I should mention is the fact that is smells like an orange popsicle, so if you are sensitive to scents I would keep that in mind!
ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer ($3.00) There was a lot of good reviews about this concealer so I decided to purchase this about 6 months ago, but I am not happy with it. It does somewhat cover blemishes/dark circles, but not to the point that it is maximum coverage. It hardly covers my dark circles and it only covers my small blemishes. If you you are only concerned about using a concealer to either even out your skin tone or cover small blemishes, then I would definitely recommend this for you!
LA Colors Concealer ($1.00) Terrible, terrible, terrible, and did I mention terrible? Ugh, this does absolutely nothing for me! After you blend this concealer out, it looks like you didnt even put anything on! No matter how much I have tried layering this, it still fails to cover anything! It will not cover blemishes, it will certainly not cover dark circles, and it doesnt even help conceal the redness on your face! I have never tried such a terrible productever!
Hard Candy Glamouflage ($6.00) Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this little angel in a tube! This covers everything, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! It covers blemishes, dark circles, scars, tattoos, redness, and will most definitely even out your skin tone! When I first purchased this product I did a test to see how much this concealer would really conceal. I dont have any tattoos so I decided to tattoo myself with a sharpie marker to see if this concealer really did what it claims! So I drew a little flower on my hand in black sharpie marker, outlined the tattoo with the concealer pencil that it comes with, and then filled it in with the actual concealer. To my surprise it covered my tattoo like a dream! I then set the concealer with powder and Ill be darned, that gave me full coverage until about 6:30 at night! Out of all my drugstore concealers, Glamouflage is most definitely my favorite!

Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it so much!

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