Dropping Summer Weight For School

4 years ago

For some of us school has not yet begun, and there is another few weeks before we must be drafted back to the gates of hell. Everyone is probably shopping, spending a ton on clothing and accessories, or that could just be me over planning. When I start a new year, I like to feel at my best, but I find that during the summer I gain about 10-15 pounds, thus in August, I have to exercise/diet that weight off. Well, as I was learning of healthy and easy ways to lose the weight, I found many options.
I`ll first explain what I do, then I will explain other options that have worked for me.
My Current Plan:
I am 5`3"
I started on August 5, 2012, at 125.6 pounds
The first day, I did a one day water fast, it`s said to have many benefits, that include an increase in energy, weight loss, and is also helpful for flushing environmental toxins and damaging substances from the organs.
To make things clear: I only did the water fast for one day, where I only drank water. On that day, I had a on and off headache, then closer to midnight I felt extremely relieved.
The Second Day I weighed in, I was 123.2, on this day, I cut my portions and began eating a lot more juicy fruit, like cantaloupes because they are low energy foods, in which you can eat massive amounts with little caloric value. Thus you get full without the added pounds/fat. I completed 45 minutes of Zumba Fitness Dance on expert. I also took three cold showers on this day.
Let me explain the benefits of a cold shower:
1-Strengthens Immunity
2-Improves Blood Circulation
3-Aids Weight Loss
4-Aids Sleep
5-Regulates Temperature
6- Alleviates Depression
7-Increases Metabolism
8- Detoxifies Your Body
9- Deepens Breathing
All of these should be very important, especially the increasing of the metabolism.
Now this might seem horrible, but what I do is turn on the water to a favorable temperature at first, then I gradually decrease the amount of hot water I am using, untill I am no longer using hot water, at this moment your should not be jumping to cool yourself, but you will be breathing very deep, your body gets sort of stiff, when you dry off and hop into bed you feel "fluffy", and that sounds weird but you really do feel incredibly soft and acne decrease, especially around the allingment of your nose and forehead.
I continued to follow day 2, since I last weighed in on August 15, 2012 I am not 114.4 pounds. So, I have lost 11.2 pounds from the fifth of August to the 16 of August. It is a bit rapid, but I find that I am a lot more energetic, sometimes I just go running for the heck of it.
Also, I should add that going into the city and school shopping is also great exercise, no kidding. I carry the bags and we walk for like hours shopping, and when I get home my arms and legs are sore.
Good Luck to All

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