Dropping and smashing your ipod touch, the 7 stages of grief

4 years ago

1. Shellshock and Denial -If you were anything like me, my girlfriend dropped it on holiday and as she picked it up and slowly turned the screen to me my face looked like i was sucking on a lemon. I was so sad inside this was my big christmas present and all my memory and photographs were on there. Somehow i contained my shock but insisted on repeatedly saying "omg" "omg" "omg", after this part i then turned to denial, " ahh it will be fine, no worries" this was just to deal with the initial shock of the damage.

2. Pain and Guilt - Eventually when the shock wears off unbelievable, overwhelming pain takes over. Although this is hard its best to just get it out with a tear. At this point I began to feel guilty and was considering blaming myself for not taking care of it well enough questioning myself "why didn`t I buy a case, im so stupid" This will last for a good half hour.

3. Anger & Bargaining - This is when anger kicks in and you turn on your other blaming them for being too lax with your possessions. You may then begin to bargain with the elements of the earth... "please god, pleasee make it work"

4. Depression - During this stage you may be very blank to everyone around you, this is normal, you just lost your ipod, the very thing that walks everywhere with you and keeps talking to you no matter what. Encouragement from others wont budge you atall "I will buy you a new one" your answer to this will be "but i wanted that one"

5. Moving forward - You are starting to adjust to your girlfriend/boyfriends old ipod nano and start to enjoy listening to music again. colours seem more vibrant and music seems to make more sense.

6. Reconstruction - You start to make logical choices again and start moving emotionally and financially forward and begin to get your social life back on track without the use of the facebook app on ur ipod. You start to use the laptop and start to make plans to save for a new ipod.

7. Acceptance - You realise your friend, pal, ipod is gone and there`s nothing you could of done to prevent what happend. You make an account on Luuux to try and save for an ipod. Your making progress and need to keep trodding on everyday. eventually you will have enough Luuuxbux to have an ipod touch again.

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