Drop The Burger or GAIN WEIGHTS!

4 years ago

Nowadays I wonder if parents are still concerned about their children weights or not. I`ve noticed children are spending less time exercising or eating right. From the look of how the children are turning into. It may seems like parents are allowing their children to spend more time watching TV, playing games or being online 24/7!

Parents are blame for when they`re so caught up with work cooking dinner isn`t an option. Grabbing take outs every night isn`t healthy at all. Having a home cook meal is the key is because you`re in charge what you`re eating or how you`re preparing your own meal. Fast food & any types of electronics seems to put your children in a lazy mode. The lack of communication starts from there.

To prevent all of this negativity you can start by cooking homemade meals, taking daily walks, exercise and especially spending time with one another. Parents who led their children to a healthy lifestyle will help them in a long run.

1. Do you think parents are to blame for?
2. How was your childhood like?

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