Drone Flying with Unlimited Autonomy

Just the other day talking about a father who created a flying drone to accompany the child to the school bus stop - and whose autonomy was barely enough to get there and back home - and now I bring you a flying drone that seems to have broken the laws of physics, by promising the ability to stay aloft indefinitely.

But, rest ... it is not any revolution in the field of anti-gravity of a battery or super-efficient that reloads from the air. The "secret" is something much simpler and somehow destroys the illusion that these could generate a story: it is a drone that has a cable that connects to a permanent power source.

Actually, it is a micro-cable, the thickness of a strand of fishing, and that also serves to send control signals and receive the information gathered by it (has two cameras, high-definition, and may receive a third optional camera , thermal Imaging).

While it may not yet be exactly what one would expect, no doubt that this type of device will have enough applications: not only is essential in situations where a long operating autonomy, but also avoids the possibility of interception or interference with wireless signals.

... Only if you have to get some attention for not giving a "knot" in the cables that rely on! :)

Source link: http://abertoatedemadrugada.com/2012/12/drone-voador-com-autonomia-ilimitada.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_camp

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