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So recently I decided to re-watch Drive, I first saw it when it first came out on DVD and dont really remember much so I thought it was time to jog my memory and watch the film that blow up so much when it first hit our screens way back in 2011.

So anyway when the film first starts up we are placed into a dark, mysterious night-time, the bright city lights illuminate downtown Hollywood as an unknown man mid 20s slickly drives down a quiet street.

The radio plays in the background, a tooth pick hangs from the clenched teeth of the mysterious man. Just by looking at him you can tell that this man has a special persona but who is he? One thing that is for sure, he is about to prove to the audiences that he is one of the best getaway drivers in town.

If you were expecting the typical Fast and Furious shallow drivel, then you are most certainly wrong

This isnt a film that the usual Grand Theft Auto teenagers will be lining up to see. This is art house meets Hollywood. An action/crime thriller with an arty touch, what isnt more ideal for a independent studio film that is trying to break the mould?

Nicolas Winding Refn stunned the critics again; Drive was nominated for 77 awards and won 43 awards. If this isnt proof that Refns work is unique and that people want to the arty, low-budget then I dont know what is. Of course Refn is notorious for being known to create fact paced stories, jam packed with action but equally weighed out with believable, realistic characters that the cinema love like with Refns Bronson (2009), Charlie Bronson might have been a raving mad criminal at heart, but it didnt stop the audience falling in love with his charm and wit so the same applies for Ryan Goslings portrayal of the outstanding Driver.

The violence that takes place is cuddled by beautiful, geometric landscapes, the striking angles and the gallows of humour

Not forgetting the mixture of the score. The original soundtrack has been described as an indie fans dream as it includes tracks by Cliff Martinez, Kavinksy & Lovefoxxx and Riz Ortolani. The score also adds that special techno/retro feel that lingers throughout the film.

Even through the synth pop and gangster crime the crew behind Drive have made sure that everything is perfect and by this I mean the costume department. The prime example of this is the Drivers instinctive outfit that is so iconic to the film the aviator shades, leather driving gloves and a satin racing jacket emblazoned with a scorpion. You can tell that everything has been considered and planned and it shines through brightly.

Well of course there is that special girl involved, there always is

With all the action, fast girls and violence, it had to be settled out with a sad love story. If Ryan Gosling swooning about is enough to win the girls over then they might as well add a whole good, sweet neighbour next-door who needs help and seeks it from the big bad boy across the hall storyline. It even makes the Driver seem more real and human because of the emotions displayed.

The lovely, British Carey Mulligan stars as Irene who lives alone with her son (Kaden Leos). Irene is waiting for her husband to come back from jail, so typically she seeks help and comfort in the Driver and ends up falling in love with her and helps her out in her hour of need. It isnt as simple as that though as Irenes problems end up becoming the Drivers and things start to turn nasty when guns start blazing and the Driver is left picking up the pieces.

Is this just a Hollywood cliché? Well sort of but the film needs it as it helps raise the tension and builds up to one of the films most brutal death and then commences to the most romantic scene, so its a win-win for everybody. Predictable or not it still makes you on the edge of your seat wanting more

So overall

Drive gives you an insight into Refns unique view of the world and how he likes to show off with his style of filming, taste in music and the brilliantly casted actors and actresses but there is still one thing that remains the same through the Drivers name! This isnt a negative thing at all as isnt just a tool used to keep the audiences on their toes and to create a sense of anonymity about him. Whatever the reason heartthrob Gosling does both and by the end of the film if guys dont want to be him and the girls want to be with him then there is something extremely wrong.

4 ½ over 5

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