Drinks for working out: energydrink and water

5 years ago

How many times didn`t you hear: you should drink some water! Personally i absolutely hated water, i would always say that it`s for the fishes. But now after giving birth to my baby girl, i need to drop the extra pounds. I only have to drop another 5 pounds to be at my old weight, which is pretty good to me. I`m eating normally, but i have to work out.
Working out isn`t something i really enjoy, but there`s no other way to do this.. So i started drinking lots and lots of water, and i have to admit that it really helps. I feel so much more healthier, i think now i`ll keep drinking water. I feel so much better!
Another basic drink to me is energy drinks.. i`m terribly lazy when it comes to working out so an extra boost is always welcome. I try to keep the energy drinks because i know so many people who are kranky if they don`t drink energy drinks.. so i really don`t want to be like that.

How do you guys lose weight? What are your basic drinks?

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