Drinkable Sunblock?

What kind of sunblock do you like to use? Lotion or Aerosol? How about a drinkable sunblock? A company developed a drinkable sunscreen that provides equal protection to a SPF 30 sunblock lotion. According to the article the sunblock -- Osmosis Skincare`s UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water uses purified water `imprinted with unique vibrational waves that isolate out precise frequencies that are needed to protect you from UV rays. This drinkable sunblock is available for $30 in a 3.38 oz bottle. Once you take 2-mL serving with 2 ounces of water, you will have sun protection for about 3 hours.

What are your thoughts and concerns about drinkable sunblock? Why would you drink sunblock if you need to protect the outer layer of your skin? I cannot imagine how would this taste or even work properly!!

Photo credits: http://img.fark.net/images/cache/x/xZ/fark_xZnraSNFV-CBm3WxVee3FoeN338.png?t=cXJJA3iADsJorj9RHJaHAg&f=1404705600
Article credits: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/19/drinkable-sunscreen_n_5351851.html

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Source link: http://img.fark.net/images/cache/x/xZ/fark_xZnraSNFV-CBm3WxVee3FoeN338.png?t=cXJJA3iADsJorj9RHJaHAg&f=1404705600

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