Drink water!

4 years ago

Drinking water is very important, I think we all know that. But sometimes, at least I forget to drink anything.. Basecly I have a lot to do, which is why I forget to drink.
Now I just started a diet and soo it is important that I start drinking more water. And because I have a problem with forgeting when to drink it, this little thing is very convenient for me!- drink water app
This thing basecly tels you when you have to drink water.. it simply vibrates, as if you would get a message, and remindes you that you have to dring water. You have 8 empty glasses on the screen, and each time you drink a cup of water, you simply click on one of the cups. This helps you keep track of your drinking.
In my oppinion, it`s pretty damn awesome!
Also, try not to drink water during your meals! I don`t know why exacly, but apparently, that is not good for you!
Drink one cup of water, as soon as you wake up! That will do wonders for your body, because you`ll have an empty stomack, and therefore the water can cleanse everything..
Diet tip no.2
Thank you soo much for reading!

Source link: http://www.wellness.uci.edu/water.html

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