Dried Veggie Soup

4 years ago

I call this soup the dried veggie soup...lol..cause I only know the chinese name for it and don`t know the english name. It`s like choy something soup. But anyways..this soup is actually good for the body. And if you`ve been eating too much junk food like chips, you should really drink this soup. It has dried veggies, which is bok choy, dried dates, north and south almonds, carrots, ginger and pork bones or meat. You need to soak the dried bok choy first and rinse it a couple times before you put it in the pot. After that you just wash and clean everything else and dump it all in the pot. I usually put the dried bok choy in last after putting all the carrots, dried dates, and dried almonds in it. Oh yeah, you should also par boil the pork first before putting it into the pot with the rest of the stuff. After everything is in the pot and it has come to a boil, turn the heat down to low and simmer for at least 3 -5 hrs. When the soup is about done you can add some salt to give it a bit more taste and how much salt you add really depends on your liking but I wouldn`t put so much since this is after all supposed to be a soup that is healthy and good for you. And then you will have some healthy and tasty soup.

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