Dried Salted Fish

2 years ago

Since my mom has been coming over more recently, she brand along some salted fish with her to serve during dinner. This was my favorite dish as a kid and till this day, I still love to have with served with white rice. Many of you that shops in Asian markets may have seen this. They usually have them packaged in plastic bags and sometimes they leave out hanging. Most find the smell offensive cause it does smell fisher or some even say it smells like feet. The same goes with durian, it make stink but it tastes really good. This salted fish or as you would say it in Chinese is very salty thus where it got it`s name. You could basically finish a bowl of rice with just one piece of salted fish. I could eat 2 or 3 pieces with a bowl of rice..lol.. I don`t think that`s a good idea for anyone whose on a sodium restricted diet.
You could buy this at the grocery stores or you could even make your own at home. All you need is some fish but not all fish are used to make this. I usually get mine from the frozen section. I don`t know what the fish I use is called but it has 3 yellow strip going down the fish. Then you would need to get rid of the scales and wash the fish really clean. Then rub some salt onto it and after that`s done, you would need to tie it with a string and hang it outside to dry for a couple days. This is best done during the summer time since during that time it`s really hot outside and plenty of sunshine. You could do it during the fall too but that would take longer. You should also cover it with some mesh to prevent flies from getting to the fish. After the drying process is done. You could keep this in the freezer.
How I and my mom prepare it is really simple. We just cut the fish into pieces like so in the picture. Julienne some ginger and place it on top of the slated fish and drizzle with some oil. Then steam it for around 15 minutes or so until thoroughly cooked and serve with rice or noodles. You could also cook this in any way you prefer but this is basically how it`s served.
Have you tried this fish before?

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