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3 years ago

In December, I received an email from DressLily asking me if I would like to do a partnership with them. At that time, I did not know anything about the store, but I vaguely do remember seeing their name somewhere across the internet. I took some time to surf the site and noticed that the store actually had a lot of clothes!! The site also had a neat and clear layout which made my shopping easier. I could quickly pick from the categories and group items based on their price and popularity.
DressLily markets itself as a `leader international online fashion and accessory story who focuses on the very latest in affordable styles. Their goal is to provide their customers with stunning, high quality fashion products at down to earth prices.` I would say that this statement is true because they have so much variety on the site and most items were fairly cheap! Needless to say, I had lots of fun looking through the site with my sister!
I was given $25 (not including shipping) from DressLily to shop with. I decided to let my sister pick most of the items from the store because she literally fell in love with the whole site! I have to say, the site is very cheap since I was able to get 2 dresses, each with it`s own belt, a thin jacket, 2 other belts, and a ring all for under $25! Another positive that I had with the site was how simple they made it convert measurements and currency. The site had a calculator that automatically calculated USD to other currencies and Cm. to In. (ohh why does America have to be the only country to use inches?)

Now onto the items that I received! (Clicking on the product names will bring you to the item =)

The first item that I got is this lovely dress called the sweet scoop neck flounce dress. This dress is adorable and has very nice quality! The dress is quite true to picture and fits both my sister and I. My sister`s favorite part about this dress are the sleeves. She struggles with finding clothes that aren`t so tight on her arms and this dress works! The sleeves for this dress are very unique and quite flattering! This dress is not my favorite item that I got, but it`s the one that looks the best on me.. (if that makes sense). The dress came with a black belt/sash. I found the belt to be very simple, but at the same time cute! The belt is made from a pretty high quality material and can be worn with other outfits as well!

The next dress I got is called the lotus leaf sleeve casual dress! In my opinion, this dress was my favorite out of all the items I got. For some reason, it doesn`t look that pretty when it is hung. The dress looks 100x better when it is worn so if you are curious as to what I look like with it on, check out my previous post, Royal Romance. The dress is made out of chiffon material making it very light and perfect for summer. In the back, there is a slight peep hole. The dress is quite casual, but can easily be dressed up by paring it with some cute heels. The thing I love best about this dress is the color. I don`t own much purple items so this piece is definitely a stand out in my collection.
Along with the dress, a `random` belt was also included. Now hearing the word `random` made me really nervous because I wondered what random would mean! Well, I found out when I received my item that random for me meant the cutest belt ever!! The belt that came with my dress was a thick white belt with a bow in the center. It`s super stretchy (which I personally love) and closes with two buttons. It`s a very comfortable fit and I love the design of it.

The next item that I picked out was a beautiful floral printed jacket. I fell in love with the delicate floral pattern of this jacket. As soon as I saw the model sporting it on the site, I had to get it! I have to say that when I received this item, it did take me by surprise a bit. I expected a thicker and more opaque jacket, but in reality, the jacket was very thin and it felt more like something that I would wear in the springtime. I`m not disappointed by the purchase though because the jacket looks like the pictures except the material is thinner! The jacket zips up to close and has a bit of shoulder padding!

After picking out my main items, my sister and I decided to choose 2 belts. The first one we got is a pretty simple one. It`s an all white belt with a gold bow shape buckle in the center. The belt is very nice quality, but there is one thing about it that I don`t really like. This is probably more my fault, than the shops, but I expected this belt to be used for your waist. I just went back to the site today and realized that this belt is suppose to be for your hips and not your waist! whoops... this just shows how important it is to read the item descriptions!

The 2nd belt that I got is also super cute, but had the same issue as the 1st belt, but this time it is not my fault! lol. The belt is completely white and has a white bow in the center. The quality of the belt is very nice and the belt itself is so cute! However, the belt does not fit my waist at all! It`s huge and actually fits my hips instead. I went back to the site to check this item out and realized that the belt is suppose to be worn by wrapping it twice around your waist... I tried doing that.. but then the belt was way too small! I`m not really sure how to make this belt fit around my waist, so I think I will try to wear it as a belt instead!

The last item that I chose to get was this ring! From past experience, I know that wholesale sites typically have amazing jewelry and Dresslily did not disappoint! This ring looks better than the pictures!! It fits my finger perfectly and is extremely shiny! I love the rose shape of the ring and the crystal in the middle is stunning! I really do love this ring a lot and it was really cheap! I definitely do see myself to be purchasing more jewelry from Dresslily in the future!

Overall, my experience with Dresslily was positive! All the items came safe and they looked either similar or exactly like the pictures on the site. The downside to the site though comes from the time it took for the items to get here! I put my order in at the end of December/beginning of January and my items came last week, so it took about a month for shipping. I guess that is to be expected though since it is international and the weather here hasn`t been the best. As soon as my order shipped, Dresslily sent me a tracking number which I like a lot. Their customer service is very nice and speedy too! The person I was emailing was super sweet and polite though her English wasn`t the best, but it was good enough for me to understand!
I really love the items that I got and I do recommend the site to others if you are looking for some cute and cheap clothing. It was a pleasure to work with Dresslily!

Have you ever heard of DressLily?
What is your favorite item in my haul?

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