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4 years ago

I`ve been reading/listening/watching material on how to dress to flatter your body shape for years now, but it was only just the other day that things clicked for me and now I feel I finally understand the concept. You see, I`m not exactly a fashionista when it comes to dressing up. Growing up I was a proud tomboy and growing up in the ghetto of Auckland did not help. I did not understand how accessories and different cuts of shirts and jeans could make you look any different to just wearing baggy, comfortable clothing.

I used to puzzle over the way my sister grasped this concept so easily and yet I`ve been very hit-and-miss with my outfits. In photos I cringe over certain imperfections that have been captured and how that shirt made me look so-and-so.

So now I`m writing about how I discovered and finally understood this concept and how much it has helped me since. You see, I find that I myself learn things if it is presented to me visually. And it has to be dead-set simple. Like in the picture above (source quoted below).

In magazines I read as a teenager, magazine editors would post in pictures of real women and I just could not see what they meant by "pear shaped" or "column" .. all I registered was "skinny girl" and "girl on the bigger side" and yet I understood the desired shape we`re all after is the hourglass shape.

Of course, as a teenager I did delude myself thinking that I did have a natural hourglass shape although friends and family always commented on how skinny I was and how I have no shape.

But how it clicked for me was seeing the picture above of the inverted triangle. For years I`ve cringed in photos because I`ve always worn spaghetti strap singlets and wondered why my shoulders look so broad, and yet I`ve received compliments whenever I wear skinny jeans and heels, and dresses/skirts that highlight my buttocks area or legs.

It just clicked.

I am an inverted triangle body shape.
(of course what has made the process of finally coming to this realisation is also the fact that many other body shapes are very similar and can many fashion adjustments are the same.. for example, with further research I`ve found actresses like Cameron Diaz whom apparently has the same body shape as I do can fall under an inverted triangle to a rectangle shape).

Regardless, there are many many different versions of the female body shape etc etc, but this is the most basic and the one I have found to remember the most.

So for me, I will be stocking up on clothing and accessories that will bring attention to my waist and minimise the squareness of my shoulders/bring more attention to the middle of my body :)

For more information you can click on the link below.

Source link: http://www.redefiningthefaceofbeauty.com/2012/08/ways-to-instantly-shape-your-body-part.html

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