Dress up your watch with chains galore!

5 years ago

Chains... often associated with many manly/strong things. Chains are usually used on bicycles to transfer <em>power</em> to move the wheels, guns to <em>shoot</em> at enemies, doors to keep the <em>bad</em> guys out, chainsaws to <em>cut</em> strong wood, chain-link fencing so criminals can`t <em>escape</em> from jail... and so forth.

Move on over boys, because chains are now getting an updated look and they are now as <em>feminine</em> as ever! Chain detailing is virtually seen everywhere... from the small delicate chain hanging off on the side of a t-shirt, to the chains trimming around the border of your purse... you can even find small chain pieces on heels. Chain detailing is so strong and fierce but if you wear it the right way, it can be so <strong>stylish, chic, and feminine!</strong>

One of my favorite youtube gurus, <strong>HRHCOLLECTION</strong>, has her own chain pieces that she creates. She is actually the one who got me into chain jewelry. I eventually want to purchase some of her pieces but I can settle for some dupes for right now...

Another one of my favorite youtube gurus, "<strong>ThatsHeart</strong>", has the cutest arm parties I`ve ever seen and a lot of my arm parties are inspired from her.

You can view her <strong>Instagram</strong> here:
(PS She posts the CUTEST pictures and her puppy is so adorable!)

My arm party consists of two smaller chains from Forever21, it came as a set... and it was probably less than $5. My second huge chain bracelet is from <strong>Target</strong>. I spotted it this past weekend and snatched it up so fast because it was the last one-- it was regular price at $9.99.... I thought it was such a steal! My last item is my michael kors rose gold glitz bel aire watch... which is my absolute <em>favorite</em> watch I own and the one that definitely gets the most use!

<em>What are some of your favorite chain pieces? Do you own any chain jewelry?</em>

*Pics are mine*

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