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3 years ago

What will you be wearing during graduation?!

Graduation day is one of the single most important days in an individual`s life time. Therefore, it is essential for many gals out there to really put in some time and thought into the type of dress, shoes, and hairstyle she may choose to wear on the day of grad. Every girl is trying to find the right dress for themselves, one that stands out from the large crown and is absolutely gorgeous and unique.

Here are a few pointers when planning on what to wear during graduation:

- Carry safety/bobby pins! You never know when you might need them!

- Dress your best -- dress to impress! You will have lots of photos taken of you ...You do not want to have dark circles under your eyes due to the lack of sleep. Or for others, you don`t want to miss your morning grad ceremony (or be late) because you either slept in or didn`t get up on time! Try to prepare the night before on exactly what you want to wear for your big day and make sure to get an early beauty sleep to look your best.

- Plan what to wear under your robe! This is one thing I forgot to do and so I figured that I`d add this here! If your robe is somewhat see through, make sure to find a dress that is simple and doesn`t have crazy patterns because when you are under the bright lights, the crazy patterns will show! So be sure to pick a solid coloured dress, that is simple. ALSO, be sure that what you choose to wear under your robe is sleek. The robe already adds bulk, so no need to wear something puffy!

- Check the weather. If you graduation is being taken place outside, make sure you dress appropriately. You do not want to be chilly or sweating like crazy while listening to a graduation speech or giving a graduation speech!

- Dress simple and wear simple makeup for the morning ceremony when you are only wearing your cap and gowns. Usually, most people dress fancy during the evening when everyone is wearing their grad dresses.

- Do not overdo your makeup if you have a really fancy dress. It just becomes too much and you have this heavy look. If your dress is really fancy, keep your makeup simple but pretty. If your dress is simple, it gives you more excuses to wear fancy and elaborate makeup to even the look! Same goes for jewellery. Keep your jewellery simple if you`re wearing something fancy; if you are wearing something simple, go all fancy with jewellery!

- Wear comfortable footwear! While a 6 inch stilettos may look absolutely stunning, it may also be very painful to walk around in them all day. You don`t want to wear heels and walk funny. A lady wearing heels should be able to walk eloquently without worrying about falling on stage or walking goofy. I suggest you practice walking around in heels for a couple of days prior to graduation, so you can get a hang of the heels you choose to wear. 2-3 inch heels are usually easier to walk in!

- Step up your makeup. Graduation is definitely not a day to experiment with new looks. Stick to what looks good on you and go with that!

- Have fun! This is a once in a life time opportunity, live it to the fullest and make it as memorable as possible. When you grow older, you want to be able to look back on the day of your graduation and smile at the good memories you and your friends had!

Hope these tips were a bit helpful.

What are you planning on wearing during graduation?! Also, what are your plans during graduation?
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