Dream Places #13: Norway

4 years ago

Hi frosty beauties!!

I`m so happy today! Remember my other post "Dream Places #12: Sweden"? It was post of the day!!!!! I want to thank you all for helping me achieve this, love you all my dear Luuuxers :)

Well, now that we visit the beautiful Sweden, we`re moving ahead to the cold Norway. Pack up your warm clothes and big coats and let`s get going!! (pictures aren`t mine, check source link)

Norway is in some aspects similar to Sweden. It`s also a cold country since they`re near to each other, and both are just beautiful places. So if you want to see the Northern Lights, you don`t need to go to Sweden, you can go to Norway instead ;)
As I was doing a better research for making a more put-together for you guys, I found out that Norway has also a similarity with Iceland. They both have a weird amount of sun and night. For approximately 2 months they have 24 hours of sun. Weird but nice, in my oppinion :)

But there`s some reasons that always fascinated me regarding Norway. The fjordes and mountains are just breathtaking, and the flora resulting from the cold weather it`s amazing.
Oh I almost forgot! If you want to have a baby, make sure you move to Norway. They have amazing benefits. I saw a footage 3 or 4 years ago and I was delighted, I almost was convinced to have a child! I also heard that the crime rate there is one of the lowest in the whole world, I think that`s another great reason to move to Norway!

For more information about Norway, check the source link!

Well, what do you think about Norway? Such a magical country!

Kisses and chocolates
Rita <3

Source link: http://www.noruega.org.pt/

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