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5 years ago

Have you guys heard of this new app called the "Dream: ON" app?! it was made by a psychologist and it is half experiment and half dream controller of your dreams! this is so neat! i;ve always been someone that was into and curious about dream interpretations etc. so i definitely got this app to try out!

What this app does is that it shift your dreams in a specific direction and then gently wake you up with an alarm clock kinda style with a ringtone. how cool is that, your iPhone can control your dreams! so you can control what kinda dream you would like to have and there is also a dream diary section of the app where u can record your dreams. to see like if there is a pattern to your dreams etc. you can also tag ur friends on facebook if they`ve been in ur dream (lol that would be creepy wouldnt it!) or u can twit about it on twitter.

how it works is that u select a certain ringtone, a time you would like to be wake up at and about 20 minutes before u wake up, the ringtone will go off but it shouldnt wake u up at all, but instead it will subconsciously make you start to dream and when you wake up you can record ur dream right away because after a few minutes, you most likely will forget what you`ve dreamt about.

i havent tried this app out yet, i just got it today. but i will do a review on it later on to see if this actually works!

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Source link: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/dreamon-ios-app-hopes-to-influence-your-dreams-video-10-04-2012/

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