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4 years ago

Lately I have been glued to Tumblr on the interiors tag. I always see the occasional post from people of these beautiful homes and their awesome looking interiors. This of course sparked my curiosity and my dreaming to one day have my dream home exactly the way I want it to be.

I have an idea of what my dream home colors would be and they`ll be white or a ivory cream color. The reason for that is because light colors such as white are reflective meaning there will be more light in your home. I love a well light living environment because I think it definitely effects your mood. As modern and sleek a home with darker colors, furniture and accents might be, white is much more pure and I think more relaxing. Also, I have an idea of what my bathroom would look like. For sure I want a shower head that is like the one in the second row on the right. I think they`re called waterfall showers? But I`m probably wrong. It would have a claw foot tub as well because who doesn`t like to just soak in the tub every once in a while. I would also love for the house to have a loft area. There is something about lofts that I absolutely love.

Unfortunately, just from what I have in mind, I already know this will require lots of space and money. Both of which can be obtainable but hard to find in the Bay Area.

Do any of you guys day dream about what your future home will look like? Or maybe, do some of you already have your dream home?

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