Drape shades I really want to get

4 years ago

Hello everyone sorry I have been gone so long but I started my summer classes and work and those two things are just taking over my life.
Well, lately I have been looking to change around and remodel my bedroom a bit. My bedroom is a bit small or it feels small it is actually a master bedroom but me and my sister share it so it basically feels like a small room since each of us have all our stuff in it. Aside from that I have gotten into curtains and have been in a hunt for a pair of nice cute chic flowy curtains that will make my room look different. I went online and found these gorgeous ones that I know will look perfect in my room the color I would get them in is in white since my room is a light blue with white. These would be perfect. Well I found out where they sale these which I am really glad the thing I am not happy with is the price. Wow these "solid drape shades" are so expensive they cost $34.00 each that is crazy I need four of these so my total comes out to $136.00 which I find insane since they are just basic curtains or shade. The other thing that has stopped me from buying these particular ones is the review this item has bad reviews of people saying they look to cheap and wrinkle very fast. Which is a concern for me because if I am going to pay $34 for one curtain I want it to look good and of nice quality not something cheap I could have gotten at the dollar store.
So my journey continues for a pair of solid drape shades like these ones but with a different price tag and material.
What do you guys think of these, do you like them?


Source link: http://styledon.com/products/decor/urban-outfitters/products/13237-solid-drape-shade

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